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US-2011023178-A1: High threonine producing lines of nicotiana tobacum and methods for producing patent, US-2011043615-A1: Stereoscopic display device and display method patent, US-2011052315-A1: Loose anti-rotation lock sleeve for pipe/flange assembly patent, US-2011110734-A1: Power tool configured for supporting a removable attachment patent, US-2011113047-A1: System and method for publishing aggregated content on mobile devices patent, US-2011156639-A1: Wireless Power Transmission Apparatus patent, US-2011228226-A1: Apparatus and method to obtain clinical ophthalmic high order optical aberrations patent, US-2011234075-A1: Water valve and household refrigeration unit patent, US-2011234844-A1: Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus patent, US-2011255626-A1: Method for configuring physical layer of low frequency band based on wireless magnetic field communication, and computer-readable recording medium including program for executing the method patent, US-2012055087-A1: Method and apparatus for the utilization of the enthalpy of a syngas by additional and post-gasification of renewable fuels patent, US-2012166266-A1: Enabling a second system to manage selected anonymous users of a first system in a performance of a task patent, US-2013012729-A1: Ketobenzofuran derivatives, method for synthesizing same, and intermediates patent, US-2013051457-A1: Quantization in video coding patent, US-2013098139-A1: Tribometer patent, US-2013247950-A1: Heat engine system for vehicles patent, US-2014015456-A1: Vehicle power supply device patent, US-2014331988-A1: Range Hood System and Method for Moving Air patent, US-2010221886-A1: Methods of Forming Charge-Trap Type Non-Volatile Memory Devices patent, US-2010276351-A1: Apparatus for countercurrent chromatography patent, US-2010293291-A1: Segmentation and reassembly of data frames patent, US-2011011403-A1: Crew Mask Regulator Mechanical Curve Matching Dilution Valve patent, US-2011061820-A1: Vision panel for movable partition, movable partition system and related method patent, US-2011135138-A1: Loud speaker, loud speaker manufacturing method, and loud speaker manufacturing jig patent, US-2013007096-A1: System and method for communicating events at a server to a remote device patent, US-2013322160-A1: Memory device to correct defect cell generated after packaging patent, US-2015043131-A1: Power distribution device and assembling method thereof patent, US-2010207798-A1: Double data rate (DDR) counter, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using the same, CMOS image sensor using the same and methods in DDR counter, ADC and CMOS image sensor patent, US-2010215417-A1: Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus patent, US-2010320339-A1: Height adjustable stand and flat panel display utilizing the same patent, US-2011086279-A1: Fluid cooling apparatus for a fuel cell device and fuel cell system patent, US-2011166572-A1: Lateral implant system and apparatus for reduction and reconstruction patent, US-2012003027-A1: Liquid applicator device patent, US-2012061508-A1: Device for firing weapons from an armed drone patent, US-2012151277-A1: Web service information processing method and web service compositing method and appartus using the same patent, US-2013163900-A1: Debris resistant thrust bearing assembly for high speed hydraulic centrifugal turbines and pumps patent, US-2013282030-A1: Suturing system and assembly patent, US-2013290146-A1: System and method for providing a cashless vending donation transation patent, US-2011111688-A1: Self contained heating/cooling roof top unit with two stage relief hood patent, US-2011144815-A1: System for detecting proximity between a wind turbine blade and a tower wall patent, US-2011168806-A1: Multi-Layer Piezoelectric Element, and Injection Device and Fuel Injection System Using the Same patent, US-2011217500-A1: Injection Stretch Blow-Molding Process for the Preparation of Polyethylene Containers, Preform and Bottle patent, US-2011225994-A1: Refrigerator and method for the temperature control in a refrigerator patent, US-2012005222-A1: Template-based recognition of food product information patent, US-2012191462-A1: Audio signal processing device with enhancement of low-pitch register of audio signal patent, US-2013015689-A1: Child conveyance device and blanket for same patent, US-2013020779-A1: Seat structure with sit-to-stand feature patent, US-2013039339-A1: Other Network Component Receiving RRC Configuration Information from eNB patent, US-2013313190-A1: Chemical free and energy efficient desalination system patent, US-2014035290-A1: Traction-type actuator patent, US-2014197457-A1: FinFET Device and Method of Fabricating Same patent, US-2011005360-A1: Root cutting tool patent, US-2011030460-A1: Method and apparatus for determining load amount in a laundry treating appliance patent, US-2011031328-A1: Nozzle apparatus for dispersing droplets of flowable material patent, US-2011114660-A1: Dispenser for absorbent articles patent, US-2011147475-A1: Apparatus and methods for impinging fluids on substrates patent, US-2011165210-A1: Alloplastic injectable dermal filler and methods of use thereof patent, US-2011215182-A1: Methods and Apparatus for Continuous Winding of Spools and Products Made Therefrom patent, US-2012306201-A1: Fluid-cooled load resistor for use in energy production and use therefor patent, US-2013235211-A1: Multifunctional Bispectral Imaging Method and Device patent, US-2014045620-A1: Golf Ball With Resin Inner Core patent, US-2014195749-A1: Deduplication of Volume Regions patent, US-2010140559-A1: Mixtures for producing photoactive layers for organic solar cells and organic photodetectors patent, US-2010205095-A1: Method and system for transferring electronic funds patent, JP-2008545679-A: チアゾール誘導体及びそれらの使用 patent, US-2010302412-A1: Imaging Apparatus and Electronic Device patent, US-2011151121-A1: Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method for forming parylene film patent, US-2011166046-A1: UV Light Treatment Methods and System patent, US-2011236866-A1: Anesthetic Injection Training and Testing System patent, US-2012151204-A1: Efficient Routing for Reverse Proxies and Content-based Routers patent, US-2013014778-A1: Actuatable cosmetic device patent, US-2013297687-A1: Integrating communications services with personalized content selections and social networks patent, US-2010326490-A1: Photovoltaic panel with hot plug connector patent, US-2011055712-A1: Generic, one-click interface aspects of cloud console patent, US-2011176816-A1: Optical transmission apparatus patent, US-2012024471-A1: Nozzle plate for improved post-bonding symmetry patent, US-2010212869-A1: Heat dissipation device patent, US-2011160253-A1: Deuterated tizanidine patent, US-2012002106-A1: Image display device, image display method, and program patent, US-2012043560-A1: Lamp module patent, US-2012217923-A1: System for Controlling a Motor patent, US-2014348445-A1: Reclosable Package and Method of Making the Same patent, US-2010268291-A1: Apparatus and method for the detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation patent, US-2013272875-A1: Wind turbine with electromagnetic wave transmission system patent, US-2013283673-A1: Insect traps for mating disruption or monitoring patent, US-2014343813-A1: Method of and Apparatus for Braking a Tractor-Trailer Combination patent, US-2010128392-A1: Perpendicular write head having a stepped flare structure and method of manufacture thereof patent, US-2010180411-A1: Snap ring having multiple rollers patent, US-2010292172-A1: Peptide-Peptidase Inhibitor Conjugates and Methods of Using Same patent, US-2011048650-A1: Dual Mode End Effector patent, US-2011213845-A1: Automatic deletion of electronic messages patent, US-2012100944-A1: Electrical control belt continuously variable transmission system patent, US-2013319686-A1: Centralizer connector patent, US-2011157975-A1: Ftp memory device with programing and erasing based on fowler-nordheim effect patent, US-2013117606-A1: Data protection from write failures in nonvolatile memory patent, US-2014065564-A1: Preheat burner assembly and method patent, US-2014311083-A1: Post stabilization apparatus and method patent, US-2010109354-A1: Bumper beam multi-concavity-defining cross section patent, US-2010215090-A1: Equalizer for AM In-Band On-Channel Radio Receivers patent, US-2010309773-A1: Information recording medium and recording/reproducing device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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